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Patrick's Quick Links

National Review Media Research Center The American Prowler
The Weekly Standard Frontpage Magazine Townhall.com
TechCentralStation Opinion Journal Commentary
Human Events Arts and Letters Daily Rush Limbaugh
American Conservative Union American Enterprise Institute Competitive Enterprise Institute
The Heritage Foundation Cato Institute Discovery Institute
Americans for Tax Reform Sean Hannity Phil Valentine
WorldNetDaily Drudge Report Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS)
FOX News NewsMax.com The Washington Times
Magnolia Report C-SPAN Christian Apologetics and Research Min.
Tektonics Apologetics Ministry Stand to Reason Answering Islam
Christian Answers Network Amazon.com CDNow
Ole Miss Blackboard MIS 410
Blogger HowStuffWorks Shockwave.com
Webopedia Internet Movie Database TechTV
HokiePundit Mark Byron Spinsters
Instapundit Clay Waters Ben Domenech
Andrew Sullivan Joshua Claybourn Kyle Still Free Press
Midwest Conservative Journal War Liberal Regions of Mind
Ole Miss School of Business CSCI 323 Congressional Biography Directory
The Political Graveyard The World Factbook MEMRI